big data

Big Data Analytics

IT Action Group delivers Big Data analytics solutions to drive real-time decision-making, increase efficiency and identify new business opportunities.


Big Data Consulting

To make better decisions about your business allow Big Data work for you. IT Action Groups data scientists are here to help your company to bring order to your Big Data.

IoT Systems

With the fast-increasing number of IoT devices comes a huge amount of data that needs to be acted upon quickly. We help companies to transform data into action.

Analytics Software

We provide our clients with unique Big Data full lifecycle analytics software from ingestion to preparation to exploration and consumption of data.


The technology behind crypto holds a lot of potential for all sorts of use cases, some of them having nothing to do with digital payments but making your business more reliable.

    We provide companies the best analytical experiences, allowing them to make better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data. By providing Big Data Analytics we deliver practical and actionable insights to your business that lead to actual benefits such as reduced cost, increased savings, improved business performance and efficiency. Our services include:

  • Big Data Advisory Services

  • Business Intelligence & Business Analytics

  • Data Acquisition & Integration

  • Data Warehousing and Big Data

  • Enterprise Data Management