Technology advising

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart devices and sensors utilized by software, databases and applications connected by the internet.


Smart Assets

We enable businesses to increase revenue opportunities.

Smart Facilities

We enable businesses to integrate smart solutions into their existing infrastructure.

Smart Sustenance

Reduce sustenance costs and continuity with smart sustained operations.

Smart Experience

Deliver superior customer experience by deeply understanding market.

IT Action Group has been successfully delivering IoT solutions, right from integrating the sensors to deriving insights, and providing practical assistance in helping customers choose the best platform for their IT landscapes. With 5+years of experience, 10+ industries catered, more than 1 million users served, and a dedicated center of excellence, we are uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional business value, improve efficiency, increase revenues, and reduce IoT development costs.

We enable our clients to meet the current business needs, grow efficiencies, and create a foundation for new-age economic growth and competitiveness. Our partnerships with leading innovators, help us deliver best-in-class solutions for all your IoT requirements. With our exceptional domain expertise, enterprises can: