Ryerson University Case Study

Mobile Customer Connect modules was installed for Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.

Overview and Background

     Ted Rogers School of Management is the business school of Ryerson University, a four-story building located in the downtown core. The main floor of Ted Rogers School of Management is attached to CF Eaton Centre, one of the busiest malls in Toronto. This partnership allows Ted Rogers to gain a better understanding about their student’s behaviors, through their Wi-fi usage. Mobile Customer Connect sensor is based on an innovative platform that has been developed to provide technological advantages, that enables higher detection accuracy, flexibility and user-friendly implementation. All online reports can be viewed in real-time and your any campaigns can be tailored at your convenience. Mobile Customer Connect provides assistance to develop a healthier relationship between students and their institutions by providing highly accountable analytics.

Solution Analysis

    Ted Rogers School of Management mainly used Mobile Customer Connect devices to attain in-store location analytics rather than the customer engagement tools that MCC provides. In-store location analytics traffic reports allow store management to make time sensitive decision to enhance customer service and operations.

    Analyzing the suite of data to evaluate trends within the institution to best allocate time and resources for long-term growth. Mobile Customer Connect creates floor plans by understand paths of students and optimizing the layout of the floor. Such as, whether the placement of certain store like Tim Horton’s should be relocated due to visits. Ted Rogers also gained insight on dwell times on key location areas and trends on each floor.

Results and Conclusion

    Through analyzing data reports collected between March 3rd, 2017 and June 23rd 2017, a comparison of activity on floor of the Ted Rogers Building is possible. The data indicates that the main floor is significantly higher in visits compared to all the other floors, and the 9th floor (the last floor) had the least number of visits. The highest number of visits being 389,961 and the least amount of visits were 40,515. The dwell time between the main level and the other three floors are significantly different. Dwell time for the 9th floor is 31 minutes and the main floor is 5 minutes average. This makes sense as the main level of Ted Rogers does not hold any classrooms, additionally it’s the only floor that is connected to Eaton Centre. Floor 7 and 9 are the only floors to have a Tim Horton’s within Ted Rogers School of Management. The positions of the Tim Horton’s have been analyzed and critiqued through MCC Wi-fi analytics.

Eigth Floor Vistor Data

Ninth Floor Vistor Data

    By analyzing the data, it may suggest that the positioning of the Tim Hortons on the Floor 9 should be relocated to Floor 8 as it is a much busier floor. The dwell time for the 9th floor demonstrations that the position of the Tim Hortons is justified. As the longer a student spends on a floor, the more likely they are to purchase something from Tim Hortons.