Cognitive Inventory Management System

We create robust Inventory Management strategy that ensures minimal holding cost , higher fill ratio and better customer satisfaction using advanced Machine Learning , optimization and Artificial Intelligence techniques


Cognitive Inventory Management Features

  • Trend and Seasonality Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of your trend and seasonality in your historical Inventory  pattern


  • Factor for Inventory Consumption

Identify various driver that effects the consumption of inventory


  • Inventory Profiling

Segment  inventories based upon various characteristics and business logic


  • Inventory Optimization

We apply sophisticated optimization algorithm for inventory management and optimization
  • Anamoly Detection

Identify outlier in Inventory consumption data and other anomalies in previous sales and SKUs


  • New Product Inventory Management

Generate reliable Inventory Management  for Newly Launched SKU using advanced analytics algorithms


  • M.L/D.L-Based Inventory Forecasting

Generate highly accurate Inventory forecast using  advanced M.L and Deep Learning algorithm


  • Backorder Prediction

Generate reliable Backorder Prediction  using advanced artificial intelligence techniques
  • Inventory Management

Design Inventory management for long life cycle product using machine learning


  • I.M for Seasonal Product

Develop an inventory management system for the complex short-life cycle product using D.L


  • A.I-based Inventory Ordering

Using cutting edge reinforcement technique we develop automated and A.I-based Inventory system


  • Robotic Process Automation

Develop process automation and alert system to take preemptive action without human intervention