Intelligent Logistic

Managing logistic can be extremely tedious task. Our smart logistic system will provide effective solution to manage 3PL that will result in higher saving and higher customer satisfaction


Intelligent Logistic Features

  • Real-time tracking of cargo

Comprehensive real-time tracking and analysis of cargo and inventories thought Supply Chain Network


  • Master data Management

Create a central repository of procurement data to facilitate uniformity, and consistency in data


  • Dashboard and Metrics

Design interactive dashboards and metrics to get actionable insights from procurement data

  • Anamoly Detection

Identify outlier and anamolies in the performance of 3PL and take pre-emptive corrective action


  • Last-Mile Delivery

Detail analysis of Last Mile Delivery using data from courier service and 3PL


  • Return Order Prediction

Using Advanced Machine Learning and Optimization algorithm return orders can be predicted
  • Vendor Ranking

Ranking of 3PL based upon their professional performance


  • Robotic Process Automation

Develop various process automation to take preemptive action without human intervention


  • Delivery Time Prediction

Using Advanced Machine Learning and Optimization algorithm delivery time can be predicted