Customer Loyalty Software

The IT Action Group loyalty program management system was designed for companies of all sizes. It offers customer relationship management (CRM), email and text message marketing and analytics.


Product Description

We provide a loyalty program management system that allows multiple tenants (clients) to create multiple campaigns using the multiple pre-defined campaign types, such as newsletter campaigns, mail-in campaigns, and online campaigns. Each campaign type has unique features. For example, the newsletter campaign not only acts as a sign-up gateway for your newsletter, but also allows you to collect information about the person signing up, such as address, phone number and a copy of their receipt (to prove that they purchased something that allows them to sign up).


With an online campaign type you can generate and print coupon codes to hand out to people who will then use them to sign-up into your loyalty/rebate program and reap its benefits. What benefits are we talking about? This can be anything you decide. We provide the tools to integrate with your existing WMS system and even Paypal, to setup the ideal, custom rebate and loyalty management solution for your marketing company.

Key features

Marketing/Rebate/Loyalty campaigns:

  • Custom form creation and management (think Google Forms but with industry-tailored features)

  • Unique theme and landing pages available on a per-form basis

  • Pre-defined form pages to collect the following:

    • User info, such as name, email, phone, address

    • Documents to be uploaded by the user.

  • Any field you create can be set as “required”, forcing the users to provide an answer to it before proceeding

  • Create internal fields only your employees will see when they work on the form to guide them and provide greater accountability

  • Fully customizable status-update emails;

  • Make bulk changes by importing an excel file;

  • Export claims by client and by individual campaign for your internal purposes, such as reporting;

  • Generate and print coupon codes to make users access the loyalty campaign by entering the code through the URL you provide;

  • Create custom URLs for your loyalty campaign, such as and

Bilingualism – the frontend is fully bilingual, to be welcoming to all of your customers, be they French or English speaking.


  • Manage your clients/tenants and their respective campaigns from one admin panel

  • Each of your clients can see only the campaigns they created

User management:

  • Various user-roles with unique access permissions

  • Each user sees only the campaigns they are assigned to for administrative and rebate claim management purposes

Paypal integration that syncs all transactions from Paypal and allows you to verify the payments all in one place.

Dashboard with your campaign-related KPIs.

Communication tracking:

  • Our system features a built-in communication tracking tool that allows you to log communication for each claim created in the system

  • Classify communication as either as “email” or “phone”, provide a description and save

  • Export communication for each campaign to audit your employees and/or bill your clients for the time invested into the campaign you are managing for them

WMS integration:

  • Integrate with your existing WMS system through its API

  • Automatically create fulfillment orders in the WMS using the information provided through the loyalty/rebate management system

Automatically update statuses in the loyalty management system when they changes in the WMS.