demand planning

Smart Demand Planning and Forecasting

Create reliable forecast with high accuracy and robust demand plan for upcoming sales season using our advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence backed demand planning platform


Smart Demand Planning and Intelligent Forecasting Features

  • Trend and Seasonality Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of your trend and seasonality in your historical sales pattern


  • Driver Analysis

Identify various drivers that majorly effects your sales


  • Demand Visualization

Visualize your SKU based on various business features, that will give actionable insights


  • SKU Clustering

Cluster you SKU based on their consumption pattern and assign different demand planning strategies to a different cluster
  • Anamoly Detection

Identify outlier in historical sales data and other anomalies in previous sales and SKUs


  • New Product Forecast

Generate reliable forecast for Newly Launched SKU using advanced forecasting algorithms


  • M.L/Deep Learning-Based Forecasting

Generate highly accurate forecast using  advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithm


  • Forecasting for Intermittent Products

Generate reliable forecast  using advanced artificial intelligence techniques for sporadic stock keeping units


  • Driver Based Forecasting

Identify various drivers that affect the sales of product and generate accurate forecast using them


  • Error Metrics

Detailed Forecast error metrics and dashboard that will capture error in the forecast


  • Robotic Process Automation

Develop various process automation to take preemptive action without human intervention


  • Demand Planning Dashboard

Generate Interactive Demand Planning Dashboard that will give actionable insights to revamp your Demand Planning