Smart Procurement

We develop smart procurement system so that sourcing professional has better and actionable insights to take strategic decision which will lead to more saving oppotunities.


Smart Procurement Features

  • Spend Analysis

Comprehensive analysis and classification of your Spend Data , Purchase Order Data and Invoice Data


  • Vendor Analysis

Detail study of your vendor data and provide actionable insights for Supplier Management


  • M.L-based Vendor Selection

Automate the process of vendor selection during the RFP stage using Machine Learning and A.I


  • RFx Automation and Analysis

Automation of report generation and visualization process during RFP, RFI stage using analytics and robotic process automation techniques
  • Anamoly Detection

Identify suppliers whose performance and behavior is ambiguous and susceptible to fraud


  • Contract Management

Develop Smart contract that will streamline the process of payment


  • Risk Management

Analyze risk related to supplier and take pre-emptive action to mitigate those risk


  • Market Price and Vendor Analysis

Predict the price of the commodity for the future period and compare with the quotation from the primary vendor to identify saving opportunities
  • Vendor Ranking

Rank the vendors based upon their professional performance


  • Masterdata Management

Create a central repository of procurement data to facilitate uniformity, and consistency in data


  • Dashboard and Metrics

Design interactive dashboards and metrics to get actionable insights from procurement data


  • Robotic Process Automation

Develop various process automation and alert system to take preemptive action without human intervention