Smart Warehouse Management System

Streamline the processes related to your Supply Chain and the management of your Distribution Center.
Manage your stock, manage all the movements of your merchandise, optimize your storage space thanks to location management, and control your operators, tasks and dispatches.


WMS Features

  • Reception

Register products quickly and designate your storage locations.


  • Orders & Shipping

Enter customer orders and optimize your packaging and shipping times.


  • Proof of delivery

Signature of the client upon delivery of the product to the client.


  • 3PL

Manage your customers’ inventory in 3PL companies, with secure and accurate access for every activity in your warehouse.
  • Picking & Replacement

Plot the most efficient sequence to reduce the travel time of your warehouse operators.


  • Inventory

Keep accurate inventory data maintenance for your warehouse.


  • Reports

Generate reports to track the progress of orders, shipping and receiving within your warehouse.


  • Location Management

Determine area and location characteristics to improve the efficiency and speed of your daily operations.


  • Kitting

Perform inventory allocation to build new products and monitor work in your warehouse.


  • Dashboards

Get a quick, real-time overview of all warehouse activities with the control panel.


  • Mobile WMS

Access and run your warehouse operations on the go from your mobile smart device.


  • Attributes

Expiration dates, Serial numbers, BATCH control, decimal products, multiple package sizes, product weight, product bucket, product photo.