Supply Chain and Logistics

Over the past 10 years, we have developed a unique Supply Chain Management Portal based on the experience of industry-leading clients. It integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, such as an Oracle or SAP ERP software, and provides additional functionality with ease-of-use and analytical data in mind.


Product Description

Our Supply Chain Management Portal features:

  • Appointment management system

  • Internal request ticket management system

  • Return management system

  • Claim management system

  • Order management system

  • KPI-focused dashboards for all of the above

  • Email log that tracks all automated emails leaving the portal

  • Change log that tracks every change that happens in the portal, logging the user’s name and date-time of the change

  • An-easy-to use permission editor that allows you to create new user groups and change permissions in a simple 3-step process, changing even the fields that the user group should see

  • Fully customizable email templates for automated emails

  • Bilingual support

  • Extensive search functionality throughout the portal


Appointment management system

  • Centralize and manage all shipping appointments for your vendors

  • Automatically notify your warehouses of appointments

  • Vendors can log in to create appointments

  • All appointments are validated against open POs within the system and the SKUs within the POs to ensure data integrity

Internal request ticket management system

  • Internal users can create tickets for internal programs

  • User roles can be set up to assign user groups responsible for each ticket type

Return management system

  • Manage returns within your organization, be it customer returns, or internal quality assurance returns

  • Assign users responsible for returns to get notified if a return requests requires attention

  • Returns are validated against available SKUs

Claim management system

  • Provides a way to create claims for issues that were encountered

  • Assign claims to user groups responsible for them

  • Internal chat function available for users to escalate and discuss the issues, or requesting more information within the system

  • Give access to your accounting department for validate and to your courier for issues requiring their input (e.g. missing shipment)

Order management system

  • Manage internal product orders within your franchise

  • Orders are linked to invoices for validation

  • Request tickets can be created directly from the order management system for ease of use

  • Detailed reporting functionality

Whether you are a telecommunications company, or a third-party logistics provider – our solutions can be tailored to your exact needs. Long gone are the times when you were unable to get what you needed from your Oracle or SAP systems – we are able to fill in the gaps for you with our Supply Chain Management Portal.