Tow Impound Management System

TIMS is aimed to simplify and eliminate paper in the process of keeping track of impounded vehicles.


Product Description

TIMS by IT Action Group is an impound system that will allow you to simplify the impounding process for those involved, eliminate the paperwork, and most importantly – give a real-time picture of all impound operations across the city. In many cases, the current impound process is very time-consuming, paper-driven, and prone to both, intentional and unintentional errors. TIMS allows you to eliminate all of the above by automating as much of the process as possible, by placing automated checks and balances into the process, and by logging every single change that occurs within the system, so that you are then able to analyze the actions of each involved party.

Key features


Incident reporting

Dispatching dashboards

Impounds management

Real-time status update

Reporting & History Tracking

Mapping & GPS tracking

Video and pictures uploads

     Impound Management

  • Use an Android or iOS mobile app and access the portal through any browser.

  • See all cars being towed to their facility, an ETA, and an incident description, which allows them to prepare before they arrive

  • Accept the towed car into the facility through the system

  • Release the car from the facility when it is picked up by the owner



  • Real-time status reports

  • View uploaded documents

    • Driver’s licenses

    • Photos and video from the accident

  • Detail description of the accident

Track the status of any tow in real time on a map and can view the route they should be taking and where they are at the moment.

   Tow Truck Operators

  • Use an Android or iOS mobile app

  • Automatically geo-locate the address of the incident

  • Provide a description of the incident supported by photos and video

  • Scan a VIN number to populate driver’s and vehicle’s information

  • Select Tow Type:

    • Pound – tow to a registered facility

    • Closest facilities are shown on a map and can be selected

    • Non-pound – tow to a facility as requested by the client

  • The client (drive) will verify and accept the route to the pound or non-pound facility by signing

    • Distance and approximate time until destination is displayed for reference