Smart City

Smart City Innovation Hub

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Project Goal

To allows startup companies to tap into Smart City Community Worldwide.

To Improve Current City Ecosystem and foster positive change for Communities in Ontario

To Support Technological Advancement and Research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and BlockChain

Building Next Generation Cities

Improve resource allocation

Apply resource usage tracking and smart grid technologies to deliver an infallible, effective and greener energy conduction while reducing rates for consumers.

Build safer cities

Cities are progressively using intelligent technology to make emergency systems more efficient and reduce police response times with the target of making cities smarter and safer.

Make buildings smart

Interconnect building devices and sensors into a system to bring more effective operation and control to its owners.

Optimize public service

Increase public service productivity, from repairing broken street lamps to traffic management and emergency vehicle preemption.

Benefits of Deploying a Smart City

A smart city is defined as effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in a built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens.

Smart cities set information and communications technologies to work in modern and secure ways to manage public assets and services, increasing the productivity of city operations, improving the quality of living for its citizens, and growing the local economy.

Definitely local authorities must find new effective models, how to use information technology for better decision making, and new services creation. IT Action Group believes that the growth of smart cities will be a global trend for the next decades.