Technology advising

Technology Advisory Services

We help companies improve performance, to form a clear IT strategy and make sure their digital transformation succeeds.


Technology Strategy & Performance

Technology Advisory Services is here to help define how technology can intersect with business in order to deliver information technology value that drives profit.

Analytics, Information & Modelling

Using analytical and custom technical solutions combined with a full understanding of our clients needs we offer clients our information analytics service.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Using Digital Transformation techniques and the Six Sigma framework, we “deeply dive” into your organization’s processes and identify opportunities for enhancement.

IT Audit, Infrastructure and Security

Defining of an optimal IT audit strategy for the specific company. Reviewing and analyzing the processes, approaches, artifacts, documentation, tools set, etc.

We help our clients by giving them Information Technology (IT) tools to achieve their business objectives. We help companies management with implementation of new apps, platforms, architecture and emerging tech.

We assist companies’ in defining proper strategies for outsourcing or offshoring IT services, and ensure that effective controls are applied.

We inspect various features of processes and technology, and make proposals for helping optimize efficiency in the every specific case. For non-digitalized businesses, this is where IT can have the greatest impact.

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