The latest CBRE Research report comparing the quality of Information Technology (IT) services and the price has recently released, and the results were surprising in some areas while also matching our predictions. The most notable measure that we saw was Toronto, Canada. While cities like Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area were predictably at the top of the spectrum with extremely high prices with exceptional labor quality, Toronto’s quality rating was not too far behind. That being said, Toronto fell at the bottom of the price spectrum, far cheaper than all of the other U.S. cities.



What Does This Mean?

What we can conclude from this recent study by CBRE Research is that Canadian IT tech companies are punching well above their weight and are very competitive against even the largest U.S. IT firms. While most often associate the price tag with the quality of work, this chart from CBRE Research shows that this isn’t always the case. Regarding IT support services, it all comes down to the individuals in the company that make the quality, not just the location.
That being said, it seems that Toronto will soon start to see an influx of outsourced U.S. IT jobs as businesses begin to realize that they can get California-level IT services at the lowest costs on the spectrum.


What to Expect in the Future

While nobody can accurately predict what will happen in the future, IT Action Group is preparing to expand even further in Toronto and other parts of Canada. We expect 2018 to be a big year for us with new U.S. clients seeking Canadian IT services. We’re more than ready to handle the influx and are excited about the new opportunities.